Student Pavilions Aan ’t Verlaat

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GGZ Delfland, a Dutch institution for mental health care, used the facility to house patients and employees. After a significant period of vacancy and an intensive renovation, the building will accommodate 126 to 131 students in a variety of residences. It is situated in the beautiful green area of GGZ Delfland. Moreover, the building is surrounded by several courtyards, where residents can sunbath or light up a barbecue.
In an attempt to minimize renovation costs, the focus of the new design was on preservation of the existing structures. As a result of this decision, the building accommodates a variety of residences: 5 self-contained units, 1 unit destined for two persons, 2 units for three persons, 1 unit for five persons and 10 units for ten to twelve persons. This variety is created to ensure that all kinds of students will feel like home in the Student Pavilions.

In the academic year of 2015-2016 a tremendous amount of 2000 international students was expected in Delft, this is an increase of 40% compared to the previous year. The TU Delft sees it has her duty to provide all these students with suitable housing. SHS Delft considers addressing this urgent need as her social responsibility and therefore decided to initiate a partnership with the TU Delft. Hence, the new project will be designated for international students primarily. The first two years of the project, 81 of the 126 rooms in total will be destined for international students. Since we aim for a balanced amount of Dutch- and international students, 21 of those 81 rooms will be provided to Dutch students by the end of this period.

Because of the soon arrival of the international students, a fast start of the renovation works was needed, and the delivery of the building occurred in phases. As a result, the first international students moved in during the summer of 2015. In December 2015 the whole complex is delivered and accommodates 127 students.
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As a result of the collaboration between SHS Delft and the TU Delft, the next two years, 81 of the 126 rooms in total will be destined for international students. These rooms will be fully furnished and upholstered. As the students will live in the same complex as the Dutch students, we hope to give them the full Dutch student experience. Thereby, the residents will get access to the multifunctional room in the Studentflat Aan ‘t Verlaat, which gives them the opportunity to meet other students in an informal setting.

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The complex accommodates around 131 students in 18 houses. The rooms differ from studio’s of 28 m² to 50 m² and shared accommodation of 10 m² tot 20 m², in which you share the living room, kitchen, toilet and shower with your fellow roommates. The building is located in green surroundings and the different courtyards can be used by the residents. Moreover, the residents get access to the multifunctional room of the Studentflat Aan ‘t Verlaat, where they can watch a movie, organize a dinner or study with fellow students.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner el_class=”” width=”1/4″][heading text=”LOCATION” tag=”h2″ align=”left”][vc_column_text]The complex is situated near the city centre of Delft. The campus of the Technical University Delft is accessible in 5 to 10 minutes by bicycle. The bus stop is located around the corner and the respective bus lines have a direct connection with the TU Delft and Delft train station. A 5 minute walk brings the residents to a small mall with supermarket, florist and drugstore. Furthermore, taking a swim or relaxing with fellow students is possible in the ‘Delftse Hout’, located in the near surroundings of the building.

Address: Aan ‘t Verlaat 33,
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